No Peeking Theatre

A 'Blind' Theatrical Experience

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No Peeking is a Blind Theatrical Experience. While immersing the audience into the world of the show, it does so without the use of sight.





BLACKOUT is a blind theatrical event comprised of written works that discuss the black experience in various forms: poetry, plays, personal narrative, etc. No Peeking is proud to team up with Jersey City Theatre Center's Thematic Initiative "Borderless" by communicating with the audience without the limitations of judgements that are made based on appearance. This project is an attempt to break through the borders of communication, empathy, and the guidelines of traditional storytelling. Synopsis Articulate. Urban. Inner City. Soulful. These all seem like perfectly ordinary words/phrases. However, these words are all too often utilized as euphemism for a very specific attribute: Blackness. Through a compilation of works ranging from poetry to personal narrative, the writers of BLACKOUT discuss the black experience within the framework of No Peeking Theatre. Witness a social discussion that lifts one of the heaviest responsibilities our minds carry when making judgements: appearance. BLACKOUT is 1 hour and 30 minutes long with 2 intermissions. This is a blind theatrical experience and will include a touch exhibit, a taste component, and sensory elements during the run of show. * C o n t e n t i s s u i t a b l e f o r a g e s 1 4 a n d o l d e r *