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A 'Blind' Theatrical Experience

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No Peeking is a Blind Theatrical Experience. While immersing the audience into the world of the show, it does so without the use of sight.

Mother Leeds: OCTOBER 2017

Mother Leeds: OCTOBER 2017

MOTHER LEEDS is a story that places the audience in the immersive role of Sam, who is the 12th child of 13 to the stern, on edge, and frightening character of Mother Leeds.  Sam discovers and meets his estranged 13th sibling; a younger brother, who is locked away from the rest of the family.  The story takes place during the course of three pivotal days in the life of a religious, ostracized family in the care of a single mother of the early 1900’s in New Jersey’s Legendary Pine Barrens.  This sensory experience places us in the shoes of a child, riddled with curiosity and fear.