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A 'Blind' Theatrical Experience

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No Peeking is a Blind Theatrical Experience. While immersing the audience into the world of the show, it does so without the use of sight.

The Shit Show


The Shit Show written By Leelee Jackson, is a story or a series of stories both new and old. Written in the structure of traditional minstrelsy, the show is peppered with a series of vignettes while also following a linear story of the Doe Family; an extraterrestrial family who inhabits white bodies and is sent with a mission to assimilate to American humanity. The plot thickens when they are forced to navigate American Values, such a racism, especially when they meet their neighbors.

This show was submitted in the Fall of 2018, and developed over the course of two readings in Jersey City and New York, before eventually debuting in Los Angeles, CA.