No Peeking Theatre

A 'Blind' Theatrical Experience

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No Peeking is a Blind Theatrical Experience. While immersing the audience into the world of the show, it does so without the use of sight.


About The Play...

We are plunged into the life cycle of V. Lucas, experiencing first-hand, the exceptional triumphs and travesties that this life cycle has to offer. In essence, for the duration of the play, V. Lucas is you. You will experience the peculiar upbringing, success, fame, and passion that V. Lucas carries throughout life. Something dark. however, is plaguing V. Lucas from within...  
*This play includes mature content for audience members 14 and older*

The V. Lucas Cycle has been reviewed as: 
"A wonderful sensory experience embedded with a lesson in visualization. V Lucas provides a first person visual, varying perspectives, and varying emotional triggers from the sensory elements in the production that the audience is sure to experience. " -Justin Green, freelance writer/ artist. 
"V. Lucas Cycle was an incredible experience unlike any other theatrical event I've been to before." -Melissa Weiss, producer and co-founder of the Box Colony Theatre